One Layer Chocolate Cake

chocolate cake I adapted this recipe from one I found in a cook book I bought years ago. I added more sugar and put powdered sugar on the top instead of a glaze. I also substituted all purpose flour for cake flour. The result is a sweeter and fluffier cake. It’s only one layer and is very easy to make.

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Grandma’s Buttercup Cake

cakeMy Grandma really knew how to ┬ámake cakes, and her buttercup cake was my favorite. I always requested it with pink frosting for my birthday as a child. I don’t know where Grandma got her recipe from, but I suspect it was from the newspaper when my mother was a child.

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Red Velvet Cake

red velvet cakeI love red velvet cake. I love its light chocolate taste. I found this recipe in my great-aunt’s church’s cookbook. I adapted it to my own tastes and added more chocolate, plus substituted the Crisco for butter. This year, I plan on making it with natural food coloring because artificial coloring is so bad for you. My motto is: keep it natural.

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